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Dresden Files Crossovers

Why? Why not?

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This is a community for crossovers featuring The Dresden Files. Please post only crossovers you've written yourself; if you've found a good crossover, then simply share a link with the rest of the community. All crossovers are welcome, but please attempt to have a basic grasp of grammar and spelling in your writing. Constructive criticism is both allowed and encouraged, but please try not to be mean. We're all here to have fun.

Please note that this is a fanfiction community only. Please do not advertise here. Ads will be deleted, no matter what they're for.

Community Rules

1) No bashing of any kind.
2) No flaming.
3) No l33t-sp34k and no txt spk in the body of the story; nO rAnDoM cApS
4) Smut is permitted, but please lock the entry.
5) Chat-style fanfic is not allowed; script format is, however, permitted - so long as it looks like a script.
6) The story itself must ALWAYS be behind a cut, so as not to mess with people's FLists.
7) No ads. At all. Ever.

Please don't make me add more.

Submission Guidelines

All your submissions must have the following information provided before the cut.

Title: If you can't think of a title, simply call it 'Untitled'
Fandom: This is so we know which fandom the Dresden Files is being crossed with.
Rating: I shouldn't need to explain this. We accept anything between G and NC-17.
Genre: For anything that doesn't fit into a category, simply type 'General'.
Summary: Please use one or two sentences to give us an idea of what will be happening.

As for your tags, please limit them to story genre, fandom crossing over, and the main players in the story (no more than four, if you please) in order to make them easier to sort.

Thank you, and have fun!